Welcome to Fair Food Field Notes!

I’m a senior in college studying political science and writing an undergraduate thesis on food policy- F3N is a way for me to collect my thoughts and sources and share some of the most interesting things I come across.  The thesis deals with the way that agricultural policy is shaped and the effects it has on the food system.  I think it’s pretty interesting- let me know what you think!



4 responses

  1. Would love to read your thesis and be able to attribute your insightful comments re Earl Butz for my Masters in Human Nutrition.
    thanks, and Godspeed with your determination to influence food/ag policy!

  2. I like your blog…just found it now while googling info on food activism and gardening. I’m an undergrad doing a research paper on community gardening in non-urban areas. I do a lot of volunteer work at a community garden, plus have my own ‘way-too-big garden. I’d love it if you had suggestions for finding solid sources of info on these topics. Congrats on getting your thesis done!

    • Hi Lisa,

      Way too big gardens are the best kind! I’ll work on getting a post up in the next couple of days with an annotated bibliography of my work, but in the meantime might I suggest checking out the Intervale Center (if you haven’t already)? I think I mentioned it in a community gardens post- it’s a nonprofit in Burlington, VT that has some cool semi-urban community garden programs. That sounds like a very cool paper though- can you tell me a little bit about it? I’ve read quite a bit about urban community garden initiatives, but not so much about non-urban areas! Have you perhaps looked into school gardens, or is that not what you’re looking to focus on?

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