The Story of Change

How do you effect change at a systemic level? We can’t shop our way out of it, and this video talks about that. We need to empower ourselves to make changes throughout the system, not just at the cash register. We’re citizens- not just consumers. If change is going to happen, our voices need to be heard in government.


One response

  1. Very true, and it resonates with my post today on citizens influencing the European Parliament to stand up against the watering-down of environmental standards. On the other hand, I find they somewhat downplay the influence of consumer power and consumers’ responsibilities in demanding cheap products without looking behind the scenes. I mean, yes, more than just “voting with your dollars” is needed, but already only 1-5% of people vote with their dollars (if you consider purchasing ethical products and their respective market shares as such) – what if 10, 20 or 50% of people did that? I feel the whole idea that “consumer pressure” is not powerful enough is based in the fact that there are only a small number of consumers involved in the first place right now (though it seems to be rising). Nevertheless, obviously actions on all echelons of power are needed, and I like their approach of different actors for change.

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