Food Security in an Age of Climate Change

Super excited for the Food Works at Two Rivers Centers dinner- Food Security in an Age of Climate Change!  Ben Hewitt is going to be there- I’m super excited to see him, especially after reading Making Supper Safe!  Hopefully I can finish The Town That Food Saved before the event, haha.


America ≠ Tomatoland

Credit- Megan Peck, Best of New Orleans

So I recently finished Barry Estabrook’s Tomatoland, and wow- it was more human interest than policy focused, but it really makes you realize how much of our food is the product of exploitation.

Policy-wise, it was extremely frustrating to see the way the Florida Tomato Committee reined with an iron fist over tomatos being exported out of Florida.  Is this what the free market means in America now?  Tasteless green rocks full of harmful chemicals and farmed by endlessly abused migrant workers?


Speaking of which, the plight of the workers was really disturbing though- slavery is tacitly tolerated?  In the pursuit of cheap food?  Where are our priorities as a society?  #clutchtopearls

Sigh.  There are a bunch of interested articles about the book, but I really like this one by the Best of New Orleans blog.